Karina Holmer had a winning lottery ticket and got $1500 

She decided to follow her dream and use the money to go to America

Once in America she became an au pair in Dover MA for Frank Rapp and Susan Nichter 

She was in America for a few months 

She sent letters back and forth with her mother and in the last one she says she is cutting her trip short

A different letter to her friend claims “something terrible happened” she will tell her when she sees her

June 21st, 1996 (late Friday night)

Karina meets up with friends at a loft paid for by Frank Rapp and Susan Nichter

Karina and friends all go to Zanzibar

Karina walks out of bar while intoxicated and is unable to be let back in 

She sees a homeless man outside the bar, begins to talk and even dances with him (this is Wan Polo)

She also starts to talk to a guy with a large white dog, his dog and him have matching superman shirts, and he claims to be from “North” area (this is Herb Whitten)

Four men in a silver car claim to be taking her to an after party

Her friend attempts to remove her from car and a fight breaks out

June 22nd, 1996 (Saturday)

Between 3:30-4:30 AM Karina is seen at a 24 hour store near where the body was found

She is not seen again for 30 hours

June 23rd, 1996 (Sunday)

Homeless man is digging through a dumpster looking for stuff behind the apartment building at 1091 Boylston Street

He opens a bag and finds the top half of Karina Holmer body, totally cleaned with makeup removed

She was strangled to death and then sawed in half at the waist, some say to cover up a rape

Believed to be alive for 24 hours after being seen last, at the store

There is little blood, no clues to actual murder scene, and no bottom half found

June 24th, 1996 (Monday at 9 PM)

The family of Frank Rapp and Susan Nichter are questioned

The nanny makes negative comments towards Frank Rapp

Family lawyers up and becomes uncooperative

At 9 PM a dumpster fire starts 200 feet away from Frank Rapp and Susan Nichter’s condominium 

Investigators examined what they could but was unable to determine a correlation

Investigators look into other suspects