Twin Supermans'  to the Peril

On the night of Karina's murder a few witnesses told police that they saw a man, later to be determined as Herb Whitten, with his dog out for a walk in front of the bar. The dog and the man were wearing matching superman shirts causing them to stand out a little. Investigators had reason to believe the man could have been involved in Karina's murder, considering he was one of the last people seen with her that night.

Investigators later brought Herb in for questioning only to learn he had a strong alibi for that night. He claimed to have received a speeding ticket when driving home from Boston to Andover MA. This was confirmed. However there is suspicion that she could have been in the trunk or backseat. Herb was only pulled over for speeding and his car was not searched, so how do they know Karina was not with him at this time? 

Suspicion also grew as many questioned why Herb drove into Boston to walk his dog outside in front of a bar and then drive home. Why drive about an hour total, there and back, just to walk your dog? However it is not uncommon for people who live outside of Boston to come into Boston and walk their dog. But people still choose to question his actions as it was also an odd time to be walking his dog. It was past midnight and many are still confused by this today. People wanted to know why the man was out walking his dog so late at night in front of a nightclub, when he lives in Andover.

To top off all these unanswered questions a year after Karina's murder Herb committed suicide. There was no note found and some believe the guilt became too much for him.